Business crisis law

The Firm avails itself of the synergy between professionals specialized in the assessment of the numerous aspects involving the correct management of a corporate crisis, through the persistent teamwork between the two main and complementary positions of the lawyer and the accountant.

Reorganization of business activities

Support in the disposal or acquisition of business property and assets, consultancy in company lease and company reorganization transactions aimed at interrupting operations, relocation, investment in companies experiencing hardship or crisis or companies that have become insolvent, as well as planning and implementing business recovery plans and industry bailout operations.

Debt restructuring

Negotiations of standstill and settlement agreements with creditors, banks and financial intermediaries in the context of business crisis; assistance and consultancy in refinancing agreements, repayment plans, out-of court debt restructuring and conversion of debt into equity.

Insolvency proceedings

Legal advice and assistance during all stages of the bankruptcy proceedings; assistance in the preparation of recovery plans and filing for arrangements or composition with creditors.

Business audit

Legal advice intended for financiers, shareholders and investors, as well as managers, auditors and judicial bodies with regards to the verification of the compliance with obligations required by Law and prevention or contestation of liability deriving from business crisis.

Actions for damages and asset and credit recovery

Legal representation of the client in compensation claims and in all judicial actions aimed at the recovery of assets and credits in the context of business insolvency.

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